About us


Choosing our brand, you can be sure that you have premium-quality products. We have rich machinery back-up, we employ employees with high qualifications and long-term experience. We cooperate with suppliers of high quality production materials (the quality always confirmed by attestations). We cooperate with zinc-coating companies and powder lacquering facilities, where the quality of services provided is also valued.


Thanks to modern technologies, efficient management, and qualified employees, having more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have gained trust of western customers from Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands.


We offer modern style, originality and, above all, strength. Our offer is continuously adjusted to the latest architectonic trends and production standards. As a result, we create unique, bold projects and innovative solutions.


For customers who appreciate classics, we have in our offer classic forged products of universal design. We are able to apply powder painting into wood-like colours. An innovative method allows for production of wooden style fencings and powder lacquering that imitates rings of natural wood. This type of solution makes it possible to replace old damaged wooden fencing with a new robust steel or aluminium fencing presenting the beauty of natural wood.


We implement projects of our customers. Individual approach to a design makes it possible to create an original, unique product with the customer participating in the production of the finished product that fully meets their expectations. In this way, we can obtain a property fencing which is perfectly integrated in its landscape.All our products are customized, in accordance with the dimensions specified by the customer.